Too Bad! Atlanta Woman Stopped From Opening Her Braids Shop Because There Are Too Many Similar Shops

by Gee NY

A South Fulton woman is infuriated after being told that she can’t open her own hair business due to the presence of too many similar neighboring businesses.

It seems opening a business in Atlanta is becoming increasingly challenging!

According to WSB-TV2, Awa Diagne’s braid shop has been closed for three months, all thanks to South Fulton’s like-use ordinance.

This ordinance limits new businesses with similar uses from opening within a one-mile radius of an existing similar business.

Diagne claims she’s not looking for competition but just wants a place to braid hair other than the living room of her home.

“I wish they all know, I’m not here to compete with nobody, I’m only here to survive,” Diagne told Channel 2.

Diagne says neither the landlord nor the city of South Fulton’s business licensing division informed her about the ordinance.

Councilwoman Helen Willis, representing the district, explains that the ordinance aims to diversify the city’s business offerings, not deter small business owners.

The plaza already features a barber shop, a beauty supply store, and a hair salon. Willis emphasizes that the city wants to stay competitive by mixing things up with its neighbors.

“We want an environment where we can have economic fairness and diverse retail,” Willis stated.

The city encourages business owners to team up with the economic development department to find the perfect spot that fits within this ordinance.

So, if you’re looking to set up shop, make sure to chat with the city first!

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