SZA Shows Off Gymnastics Skills In Friendly Handstand Contest With Simone Biles

by Gee NY

R&B star SZA, known for her hit songs “Kill Bill” and “Snooze,” showcased an impressive athletic skill that caught the attention of gymnastics legend Simone Biles.

In a friendly handstand contest featured in an NBC promo spot released Monday, SZA demonstrated her gymnastics prowess alongside Biles.

This event marked the first meeting between the two talents, coming shortly after Biles secured her third Olympic appearance with a victory at the U.S. trials.

The two-minute video was filmed at Biles’ family-owned World Champions Centre training facility in Spring, Texas. During their warm-up, Biles inquired about SZA’s transition from gymnastics to music.

SZA, who referred to music as her “hidden talent,” explained that she turned to it after realizing she wouldn’t become a national gymnast.

“When it was clear to me that I wasn’t going to be a national gymnast, I was like ‘OK, let me see what else I can do and be good at,’” said SZA, who has won three Grammys this year.

She had been involved in gymnastics for over a decade before rising to music stardom.

“I needed something I could be competitive at,” SZA added.

In the video, SZA performed a handstand, holding her stance for a few seconds, much to Biles’ surprise.

“Oh, she’s practicing. Wait, that’s good,” Biles exclaimed, applauding SZA’s skills. They then performed handstands simultaneously, with Biles dropping her feet first, making SZA the winner. “That was so good,” praised Biles, the most decorated gymnast in history. SZA responded, “That was so difficult.”

This NBC promo is part of the network’s strategy to integrate more pop culture into its coverage of the upcoming Paris Olympics, which begins on July 26.

Previous spots have featured celebrities like Cardi B, Sha’Carri Richardson, Lily Collins, and Noah Lyles.

“SZA and Simone’s mutual admiration for each other’s talents provides a preview of the incredible competition in store at the Paris Olympics,” said Joseph Lee, senior vice president of creative marketing, sports, and entertainment at NBCUniversal. “Their shared joy in being together shows the cultural excitement we will experience as we watch these athletes compete.”

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