Topicals Skincare Brand Turns Three!

by Elorm Sika Amankwa
Instagram @ohwawa_

To say that I admire Olamide Olowe is a complete understatement. It’s like saying the “I guess the Ghana sun is pretty good for my skin”. Lies! My skin THRIVES under the warm Ghana sun. It’s in the same way I have a pure respect for Olamide. Not because I put her on a pedestal (those days of laying at the altar of those I admire are far gone) but because I appreciate what she, and her skincare brand, Topicals, represent.

Instagram @olamideaolowe

Over the past couple of decades, the beauty industry has evolved into a beautiful rainbow: A wide-reaching industry with products for every skin type, hair type, color, moral value-system and skin/hair condition. Diversity and inclusion are key pillars of the industry today. 

With Topicals, not only has Olamide created a brand whose mission is to transform the way we feel about skin through effective science-backed products and mental health advocacy, the brand is also very relatable and very rooted in culture. It’s a brand for everyday people of every shade.

In addition to creating a strong brand, at 26 years old, Olamide became a record-holder for being the youngest black woman to raise more than 2 million in venture funding.

These are all reasons why I think so many people were happy to celebrate with Topicals this August as they reached their 3-year mark. It’s been only 3 years, but the brand has created a place for itself both in culture and in beauty, and I don’t think they’re going anywhere just yet. 

To honor their 3rd anniversary, the brand celebrated in true Topicals style – with their people! Their first ever brand trip to Bermuda included Topicals brand ambassadors from around the world, as a reminder that we all have something to bring to the table, and that WE are what makes skin beautiful. As they always say “YOU make skin look good”.

Instagram @wuzg00d

The brand ambassadors enjoyed several Topicals goodies, participated in fun activities, workshops, dinners, and of course, parties! From the outside looking in, I think it’s safe to say we all wished we were there.

Witnessing Topical’s growth over the past 3 years has been inspiring to say the least. Something about this brand, and its’ CEO make me want to celebrate my own wins, love my own skin, and find my own light to brighten my corner. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them…and for us all, who are keenly watching them.

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