SheMatters Raises $2 Million To Launch Symptom Tracker App And Expand Program Targeting Maternal Mortality Disparities

by Gee NY
Marguerite Pierce (L) and Jade Kearney. Image Credit: SheMatters.Com

SheMatters, a digital health platform dedicated to addressing maternal mortality in minority communities, has secured $2 million in funding to launch its Symptom Tracker app.

The funds would also be used to expand SheMatter’s Cultural Competence Certification program for healthcare providers.

The Symptom Tracker app, a key component of SheMatters’ offerings, is designed to empower expecting and new mothers by allowing them to monitor vital signs and symptoms related to serious complications such as preeclampsia, eclampsia, and HELLP syndrome.

This initiative comes as part of SheMatters’ broader mission to combat racial disparities in maternal mortality rates, particularly among Black women who face significantly higher risks compared to white women.

Founder Jade Kearney expressed her excitement about the funding, stating:

“In 2024, SheMatters will grow our team and build out our product offering with our symptom tracker leading the way to create real change for Black mothers.”

The launch of the Symptom Tracker app represents a crucial step towards leveraging technology to improve health outcomes and bridge the gap in healthcare communication between patients and providers.

In addition to the app, SheMatters is expanding its Cultural Competence Certification program, which aims to equip medical providers with the necessary skills to effectively communicate with and understand Black patients within a healthcare system marked by systemic inequality.

The program has been gaining traction among major universities and hospital systems, signaling a growing commitment to addressing racial disparities in healthcare delivery.

As a Black female founder, Kearney highlighted the significance of raising capital as both a challenge and a success in her career.

The $2 million investment brings SheMatters’ total raised funds to $3.5 million and underscores the importance of supporting initiatives aimed at improving maternal health outcomes in marginalized communities.

Backed by organizations such as the American Heart Association, The Fund, and The Social Entrepreneurs Fund, SheMatters is poised to continue its mission of leveraging technology and education to drive positive change in maternal healthcare and reduce Black maternal mortality rates.

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