Tyra Banks Mesmerizes Her Followers With Makeup-Free Photos To Mark 50th Birthday, Says Her Mind Is “Fiercer”

by Gee NY

Tyra Banks embraced her 50th birthday on Monday, Dec. 4 with a series of makeup-free selfies shared on Instagram, accompanied by a heartfelt letter reflecting on the significance of turning 50.

In the candid photos, the supermodel, entrepreneur, and television host is seen donning a gray robe and showcasing voluminous curls, radiating confidence and authenticity.

Addressing her 7.3 million followers, the former America’s Top Model host began her caption with a nostalgic recollection of her mother’s 50th birthday party, expressing disbelief at her own journey to this milestone.

Banks opened up about the common fear of aging, acknowledging the changes that come with it. However, she emphasized the strength of her mind, declaring:

“But I gotta say, my mind is FIERCER THAN EVER. Wise, baby.”

Her empowering message urged others to view aging as a blessing, proclaiming, “I think we have to look at aging and these big milestone years like:

‘I GET to be that age.’ A Blessing.”

The actress playfully offered “wise words” to those feeling stuck in their lives, encouraging them to embrace change and switch things up as the years go by. Referring to herself as “Auntie Ty Ty,” Banks shared insights from her own career trajectory as an example of evolving over time.

In addition to her birthday festivities, Banks highlighted her ongoing ventures, including her food endeavor, SMiZE & DREAM, which features collaborations such as the one with Lionel Richie.

She teased the release of a co-written graphic novel titled “The House of SMiZE,” described as “all about age and dreams, and yep, lots of yummy ice cream.”

As the entrepreneur continues to pursue her passions, Banks concluded her letter by urging her followers to dream big together in 2024.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Banks expressed a positive outlook on reaching the age of 50, stating:

“I look in the mirror and I don’t feel 50.”

She said she sees 50 as the new 30s and shared her unconventional approach to preparing for red carpet events, relying on memorized poses due to the absence of mirrors on the red carpet.

Tyra Banks, a trailblazer in the fashion and entertainment industry, continues to inspire with her authenticity, resilience, and commitment to empowering others, marking her 50th year with a celebration of self-love and encouragement for all to embrace change and pursue their dreams.

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