Trina Stands Firm After Backlash, Declares Beyoncé ‘No.1 Female Rapper’ Over Nicki Minaj: “I Said What I Said!”

by Grace Somes
Trina, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj

American rapper Katrina Laverne Taylor, known as Trina on stage, has been on top of the trends after crediting Beyoncé for the rise in female rappers, saying she paved the way for the next generation

On Wednesday, December 27, HipHopDX published its exclusive interview with the 45-year-old rapper while she was at the One Music Fest 2023 in Atlanta back in October

During their discussion, Trina shared her stance on the recent boom of female rappers dominating the rap scene

The Diamond Princess credited Beyoncé when asked if there was anything in particular that paved the way for other female rappers to succeed. 

According to Trina, Beyoncé “opened the door”, referring to the Renaissance hitmaker as the “number one.”

“Yeah, Beyoncé. ‘Cause she is the No. 1 female rapper when she does rap… There’s no sleeping on the Queen. It’s just one of those things like, of course, it’s the Queen, it’s Beyoncé, but when you hear her do a song and it’s rapping involved, it’s like, ‘Oh my God’. It’s more inspiration. It’s just a good thing.”

Her comments did not sit well with social media users, especially the Barbz, as they disagreed with her stance.

Some netizens corrected Trina and said Beyoncé might be a great singer, but she is not a rapper. 

Others also pointed out that Trina failed to credit fellow rapper Nicki Minaj for her influence on the rise of female rappers.

But Trina seemed unfazed by the attack as she took to her Instagram to set the records straight. 

She listed that although the interview was old, she would not change anything she said. Trina continued to give Beyoncé the flowers for female rap succession in her short message to the naysayers. 

” I rlly don’t give a rats ass how anybody feels, I said what I said .. that’s Queen Bey, and I’m gonna STAN on that. Beyoncé is the Queen of rap (when she raps) and ALL genres of music when it comes to me ‼️ go argue with the IRS or somebody else idc, and that’s not up for debate over here,” she captioned a photo of the R&B singer.

Should Beyoncé be crowned as the Queen of rap? Let’s hear y’all thoughts in the comment section. 

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