VIP Bump: Kash Doll Scores Lavish Louis Vuitton Baby Shower

by Grace Somes
Kash Doll || Image credit: @kashdoll

Kash Doll, known for her lavish lifestyle, organized an extravagant baby shower at the Louis Vuitton store to celebrate baby Klarity with her close friends and family.

The rapper, expecting her second child with Tracy T., showcased the pink-themed “Barbie Shower” on Instagram. Family members of the rapper “Kommandments” crowded the Louis Vuitton Atlanta store, carrying gifts and well wishes for baby Klarity.

One of the photos shows the couple posing with their first child and partygoers. Additionally, the pair snapped a photo with what appeared to be store employees.

The others carried LV shopping bags, while Kash held a piece of paper that seemingly revealed the name of her unborn child, Klarity.

The 32-year-old rapper, accompanied by her partner and son, made a grand entrance into the store. She was adorned in a pink, ruffled Albina Dyla gown and Tom Ford heels and carried a Louis Vuitton purse, as seen in a carousel of images and videos uploaded to her Instagram page.

“O nothing, I just had my baby girl’s baby shower in Louis Vuitton,” Kash Doll captioned her post. “When I say I walked away filled with joy, I just can’t believe my life sometimes.” 

Some of her fans applauded the decision, but others weren’t thrilled.

“Why would Kash Doll have her baby shower in an LV store? Let’s be fr,” one person asked on X (Twitter). “With each kid, she gets worse with ideas.” 

Kash Doll clapped back at critics when she caught wind of the disapproval and hit back with, “If this ain’t no hating s### lol.” 

In a follow-up post, Kash Doll added, “Y’all talking all that sh*t, but neither one of u could have a baby shower in Louis Vuitton even if u could have paid for it.”

She explained, “That was a client appreciation event they did for me.” 

When somebody retorted, “I don’t think anyone would want to even if they did have money,”

Kash Doll struck again, “Right, even if they did, but u don’t again, so stfu,” she wrote. 

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