Vory’s Girlfriend Speaks Out on Alleged Abuse: Leaked Video Sparks Controversy, Meek Mill Drops Him

by Grace Somes
Janae Daugherty, Vory and Meek Mill || Image credit: @janaedaugherty @vory @meekmill

Janae Daugherty may have ended Vory’s career with Dream Chasers Label after she released a video of him threatening to kill her.

Janae Daugherty, Vory’s girlfriend, took to social media on Wednesday, February 14, to accuse the “Not My Friends” singer of abuse.

The professional caregiver reportedly leaked footage of a heated interaction with the rapper from her security camera recordings on her social media account.

In the video, Vory is seen threatening Janae Daugherty. “Janae, I will literally get you killed, for real, in real life,” he said at one point.

Daugherty further explained Vory’s behavior on her Instagram Story, cautioning other women not to repeat her mistake by overlooking incidences when their men have abused their exes.

“Vory, you are a disgusting person. You want to paint me out to be this weird/bad person when it’s you! I don’t want to be with you, take your Valentine’s Day gift, or spend time with you as a family because of all of this st you’ve put me through for two years. So you can go on social media and tell lies and try to spread this false narrative,” she shared more thoughts on the rapper’s behavior.

When Meek Mill learned about the allegations, he immediately cut ties with Vory, citing mental health issues and unacceptable behavior towards women.

The following day after the security footage went viral, Meek denounced any association with the rapper, including his previous signing with the Philadelphia native’s Dream Chasers label on X.

“This guy is not a dream chaser! He has a mental problem! We cutting ties, we don’t care how ya music sounds. He has been ducking my calls for months telling people I’m threatening him. stopped a lot of people, dude. He is not a Dream Chaser!” Meek Mill shared on social media.

He also explained instances where Vory had badmouthed him to people despite always helping him whenever needed.

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