Watch Sexyy Red And Pop Star Lana Del Rey Give Twerk Outside At Hangout Festival

by Grace Somes
Sexyy Red and Lana Del Rey || Image credit: @sexyyred @honeymoon

Sexyy Red and Lana Del Rey got together. They got really low, low, low this weekend when they linked up backstage at the Hangout Festival.

Devoted fans of the distinct musical styles of Sexyy Red and Lana Del Rey are in a frenzy after the unexpected collaboration at the Hangout Festival on Sunday, May 19. 

A video of Sexyy Red and Lana Del Rey backstage started making the rounds on social media this morning, May 20. 

In the viral parking lot video, the two icons twerked to Red’s latest hit, “Get It Sexyy.” The video quickly gained traction on X, with users sharing jokes and comments about the unexpected duo. 

It so happened that the two were booked to play separate sets at the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama, on the same day. 

They met by chance near the artist’s holding area. As soon as they got together, they twerked to a seductive song, much to the delight of everyone in the vicinity. This demonstrated their instant chemistry.

The “Get It Sexyy” hitmaker posted an Instagram video Tuesday (May 21) of her and Lana twerking to Sexyy’s unreleased song “TTG” from her upcoming EP In Sexyy We Trust, which will be released this Friday, May 24, via Open Shift/Gamma.

Sexyy Red’s recent unlikely partnerships don’t just include Lana Del Rey. The “Get It Sexyy” rapper appeared at a Zach Bryan concert earlier this month.

Early in May, the Missourian took to X (formerly Twitter) to thank the country music icon for inviting her to his show at St. Louis’ Enterprise Centre the night before. In fact, Bryan and the rapper advertised the town on social media as the “HOME OF @sexyyred.”

She twerked for the crowd in the video she posted of her cameo, in typical Sexyy fashion. She emerged during Bryan’s 2020 song “Revival” performance during the encore.

The four-day Hangout Festival was set to begin on the first day in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and feature performances by both artists

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