Watch Tokyo Toni Surprise Blac Chyna with Unlikely Gift in Heartwarming Video

by Xara Aziz
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It was all hugs and tears of joys Thursday evening after Toyko Toni surprised Blac Chyna with a tattoo on her chest bearing her daughter’s name.

In a video shared on social media, Chyna shared a video of her and her mother in warm embrace while a friend records them.

“They be putting on a front for the ‘gram,” the friend recording said.

Then Chyna asks her mother “Let me see what you just [did].”

Toni then proceeds to expose the upper portion of her left breast and removes a protective liner. The name Angela (Chyna’s real name) is seen tatted across her left breast.

“I’m sitting there — it took them five hours,” Toni says, to which Chyna responds “I love you” while fighting back tears.

Toni then says, “And it’s huge. Over my heart” before proceeding to hug her daughter while saying “That’s my baby… that’s my baby.”

It was just weeks ago when Shine My Crown reported that Toni wasn’t on good terms with Chyna after taking to Instagram to post an emotional rant discussing her damaged relationship with her daughter. She began by discussing how much she has spoiled her daughter as a child, which she believes caused her to turn against her as an adult.

“She was spoiled being raised by me,” Toni began. “I am her sacrifice while I’m living. I don’t ever have to talk to her again because of the disappointment and the disrespect and the lies.”

Users began to flood her comments with their thoughts – some positive – and others…not so much.

“Ms. Toni, weren’t you twerking and grinding on a wall last week,” one wrote. “Now you wanna talk about your daughter needs Jesus. I doubt seriously that you were the mother you think you were if this is how you behave in public”

“At this point just throw the whole mom away I’m loving that she’s so press that her daughter not paying her no mind it’s honestly breaking her right in front of us all,” wrote another.

Others were more sympathetic to the 51-year-old mom.

“She love her daughter. She just express herself in the wrong manner to get her attention,” one weighed in. “But I’m happy for her, and I hope they mend whatever is broken.”

“That’s all she really wanted. Her daughter. Nothing else,” another chimed in. “She was angry and hurt and not processing all those emotions in the right way. She just wants her baby back.”

In March, Shine My Crown reported that Blac Chyna was undergoing a medical procedure to reduce the size of her breasts and buttocks, illicting support from fans who applauded her for making the bodacious step. But her mother had joined the chat, not to praise her daughter for making the decision, but to belittle her.

In a video that surfaced online, Toni called those who supported her daughter’s decision “some clowns.”

“Blac Chyna, that’s so sweet. You’re taking your butt shots out your face. Bitch. What? Really,” Toni said in the video. “Oh, we’re so proud of you to do that. Y’all some clowns.”

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