Who Wants to be a Billionaire? Jamaican Business Mogul Shares How in New Memoir

by Xara Aziz
University College of The Caribbean

A Jamaican woman is inspiring millions of women across the globe after clinching the title “billionaire” for her exceptional entrepreneurial efforts.

Billionaire business mogul and philanthropist Dr. Trisha Bailey is all set to begin her multi-city world tour about her latest memoir UNBROKEN: The Triumphant Story of a Woman’s Journey. The book is a riveting account of how survivors of abuse can transform their lives to become the best version of themselves.

“Let your healing fuel your success” is the tour’s tagline, which showcases the trials and tribulations Bailey experienced as a young woman growing up in Jamaica who would eventually become a self-made billionaire.

Bailey, 46, moved to the United States at the age of 13 and was raised in Connecticut. She would eventually become a track star who would compete in the Junior Olympics and attend the University of Connecticut on a sports scholarship.

Her athletic journey pivoted when she would become a stockbroker at the age of 22 before venturing into pharmaceutical sales, and then entrepreneurship.

But while she accomplished much at a young age, she experienced the horrors of abuse which put her in a coma.

“While recovering from an eight-day coma after attempting to take her own life, Bailey was traveling through the airport in a wheelchair, her vocal cords clipped due to the emergency,” reads a report in Newswire. “The experience of her treatment in the airport by strangers in-transit, as a disabled person, served as the catalyst for her next big idea, and helped define her purpose: to work for the benefit of the helpless and those in need.”

Today, the billionaire runs Bailey’s Medical Equipment and Supplies and serves as a distributor of medical supplies for patients within the Medicare system. According to Newswire, it is the most profitable regional distributor of its kind. Bailey has also founded 15 additional companies, including Bailey’s Pharmacy, with 46 locations in seven states, and Bailey’s Real Estate, a global real estate development and investment company. 

Additionally, the business mogul owns stakes in three NBA teams; Charlotte Hornets, Phoenix Suns and Atlanta Hawks, and became a billionaire in 2022.

“My grandmother used to say, ‘Dream so big that not even you can imagine it coming true,” Bailey said. “Now…dream bigger.'”

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