Woman Dresses Like A Waffle House Employee, Works For While And Steals Cash In Bold Robbery Scheme

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A woman who pretended to be a Waffle House employee in Riverdale, Georgia stole about $130 in cash from the restaurant, an incident report says. Now, police are looking for her. (Photo: Facebook/Riverdale Police Department)

Authorities in the Atlanta suburb of Riverdale are actively searching for a woman who executed a clever robbery at a local Waffle House by disguising herself as an employee.

The incident occurred on December 12, 2023, at the Waffle House situated in the 6500 block of Highway 85. According to Riverdale police Chief Todd Spivey, the unidentified woman entered the establishment, adopting the guise of a Waffle House employee.

Remarkably, she managed to blend in for approximately two hours, appearing as a regular staff member.

Surveillance footage revealed the woman wearing a hair bonnet with a Waffle House-branded hat on top, further enhancing her ruse.

It was during this time that she was seen on CCTV accessing the register tablet, opening the cash register, and making away with an estimated $130.

The audacious thief’s actions went unnoticed until the following morning when management reported the robbery to the police.

Intriguingly, authorities discovered that another Waffle House in the area had experienced a series of thefts, suggesting a potential connection.

Police suspect that the woman involved in the Highway 85 robbery may either currently work or have formerly worked for Waffle House.

The Riverdale Police Department shared details of the incident on Facebook, along with a surveillance photo of the woman. They called on the community to assist in identifying her and urged anyone with information to contact Detective Mendoza at (770)-996-3382.

Despite efforts, as of December 22, 2023, the suspect remains at large, and her identity has not been disclosed by the police.

Authorities are encouraging residents to stay vigilant and report any sightings or relevant information that could aid in the apprehension of the elusive woman.

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