Woman Who Had Husband Arrested for Domestic Abuse 7 Times in 10-Year Span Bailed Him Out of Jail Each Time

by Xara Aziz

A troubling case is come to light and has since made international headlines after it has been found that a woman would repeatedly get her husband arrested for domestic abuse but then arrange for his release.

According to Times of India report, the wife, named Sonu, and her husband, Premchand Mali, got married in 2001 and live in a local town called Kadi in the Mehsana district of India. The trouble began to brew in 2015 after she called police to have her husband arrested for assault.

The two got married in the year 2001 and trouble began in their relationship in 2014. Sonu filed the first case against her husband in 2015, accusing him of physical assault. It led to a court order for him to pay her a monthly alimony payment of INR ₹2,000 or USD $24.

But Premchand had difficulties making the payments, which resulted in his subsequent arrest. He would spend five months in prison, but Sonu decided she would step in and arrange for his bail. They then decided to live separately but their entanglement remained to elicit a stream of fights, make ups and break ups.

Legal documents show from then on Premchand has been arrested every year from 2016 to 2018 based on calls Sonu would make to police, but each and every time, she would have him released from jail.

According to the report, Premchand finally left the home and now lives with his mother. He has since filed a police complaint alleging Sonu and their son harmed him.

According to the Institute for Family Studies, some women choose to stay in abusive relationships because “being controlled and hurt is traumatizing, and this leads to confusion, doubts, and even self-blame. Perpetrators harass and accuse victims, which wears them down and causes despair and guilt,” adding that “if more people responded to victims’ stories of abuse with concern and compassion, instead of with criticism, more victims might speak up and find the support they need to live a life free of abuse.”

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