Royce Reed Dodges Jail Sentence In Child Neglect Case: Court Asks Her To Complete Community Service And Parenting Class

by Gee NY

Reality TV star Royce Reed seems to have dodged a 5-year jail sentence over her felony child neglect charges.

The court granted her a pre-trail diversion program which will include community service and mandatory classes related to the charge.

In March of 2022, the former “Basketball Wives” star made headlines when she surrendered to police after being hit with felony child neglect charges. ShineMyCrown reported at the time that she was charged over an incident with her son Braylon Howard, now 16, who she shares with famed #NBA player Dwight Howard.

Her underage son’s alleged conduct with a minor led to Royce being hit with the felony charge for neglecting a child.

According to court documents that emerged at the time, Royce Reed’s young son, then 14, had a history of inappropriate sexual conduct with minors. But his conduct came to a head in 2021 when he allegedly made the minor son of Royce’s boyfriend perform a sexual act while the two boys were at Royce’s home.

Entering a plea of not guilty when the charges were slapped on her, the TV personality faced a potential 5-year prison sentence if she was convicted.

But per recent reports, the entertainer has been approved for a pre-trial diversion program in the case.

A letter from the Assistant State Attorney notifying the court of Reed’s admission into the program read:

“This is to notify you that this defendant has been approved for participation in the Pre-Trial Diversion Program and that this case is being continued pending contract signing and successful completion of Pre-Trial Diversion,”


“If the defendant successfully completes this program of rehabilitation the case will be disposed of by an order of dismissal or a nolle prosequi. If the defendant fails to meet the programs objectives the case will be re-evaluated, and this office will take appropriate action.”

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