14-Year-Old Keniah Washington Just Graduated From Leo University With Some Big Plans For The Future

by Gee NY
Keniah Washington graduates from St. Leo University

Keniah Washington, a remarkable 14-year-old from Tampa, has just graduated from Florida’s Saint Leo University with a Liberal Arts associate’s degree, boasting a 3.0 GPA.

Her passion for education led her to start taking high school courses in sixth grade, progressing through online classes and a dual-enrollment program while attending Icon Preparatory School.

According to USA Today, with the support of her teachers and staff, Keniah and a group of peers were enrolled in Saint Leo, where they received tutoring to help them succeed.

Despite her rigorous academic schedule, which prevented her from participating in typical high school events like prom and homecoming, Keniah remained focused and determined to achieve her goals.

“My biggest challenge was staying on track and not falling behind,” Keniah said. “I missed out on prom and homecoming, but I kept encouraging myself that finishing school early was more important.”

Her mother, Thomesha Hawkins, expressed immense pride and joy at her daughter’s achievement, calling the graduation moment “mind-blowing” and filled with mixed emotions of pride and excitement.

Keniah has been accepted into nursing programs and plans to start school in the fall, with aspirations of becoming a neonatologist.

Her mother believes it’s a perfect fit, noting Keniah’s big heart and love for children.

“The medical field will definitely benefit from her,” Hawkins said. “I know she is going to make a difference.”

Looking forward to her next chapter, Keniah is excited about experiencing college life, working with peers in a professional classroom environment, and living on campus.

“I want to experience college life, living on campus, and explore other parts of the world,” she added.

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