No One Wants The Baby? Chrisean Rock’s Son ‘Missing’ As Blueface’s Parents Reject Custody Post-Arrest

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock and Blueface parents|| Image credit: @theshaderoom @Karlissa_angelic

Following Chrisean Rock’s recent arrest, footage of Blueface’s father, Jonathan Porter, and mother, Karlissa Saffold Harvey, fighting has surfaced.

Blueface’s parents were caught on camera in a heated argument over caring for their grandson following Chrisean Rock’s arrest when she went to support Bluface at his court hearing on June 10, 2024.

All the parties showed up to the Los Angeles court for the hearing, with the reality star showing up with her nine-month-old baby, Chrisean Jr.

The 24-year-old and mother of rapper Blueface’s 9-month-old son was handcuffed and then taken into custody. She remains behind bars.

After arresting Chrisean Rock on a felony fugitive warrant, authorities reportedly temporarily took charge of the baby.

Regrettably, neither of Blueface’s parents, Jonathan Michael Porter Sr. and Karlissa Saffold were willing to step up and take on parental duties, leading to a distressing scene of them fighting over the child’s care.

Porter Sr. resisted Saffold’s pleas to take the child, insisting he was not a babysitter. While residing at Blueface’s house, Porter Sr. claimed to have supported Rock, but he was also doing as she asked, having her friend Marsh take care of his grandson.

One of the users on X, formerly known as Twitter, @baddietvv, shared footage of their heated exchanges. Porter is heard telling Harvey in the video that he’s not a “f*g babysitter.”

As for what led to the arrest, it’s being reported that Chrisean is a wanted fugitive in Oklahoma, where a warrant is out for her arrest on several charges, including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. The charges are two years old.

Chrisean Rock was fully aware that she was being pursued by the law for these charges.

Do you think the drama between Chrisean Rock and Blueface has gotten too much?

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