Alicia Keys Says She’s Scared to Work with JAY Z Again

by Xara Aziz
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Alicia Keys has a confession to make. After her mega-topping hit, Empire State of Mind, featuring JAY Z, the Fallin’ star said she fears working with him again because there’s “no topping it.”

“I wonder if it kind of hinders us in some ways,” the 41-year-old singer told E! News. “It’s almost like there’s no topping it.”

The thirteen-year-old song earned JAY Z his fourth number one record. Prior to Empire State of Mind, his features on Mariah Carey’s Heartbreaker, Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love and Rihanna’s Umbrella were the only songs he appeared in that topped the charts.

But never mind that. Both Keys and JAY went three times platinum because of the New York anthem and it revitalized millions of New Yorkers who boasted a new sense of pride to be from the city that never sleeps.  

The song even went on to become the soundtrack to the Yankees’ World Series win.

Keys’ career went on to soar new heights after she recorded a solo version of Empire State of Mind, a piano-laced ballad showcasing her impeccable vocal range.

Keys did admit that while her and JAY have not linked up to produce any records since their huge duet, they do discuss collaborating in the future. We “talk about that a lot,” she acknowledged.

“There’s so many songs that come up and it’s like, ‘Oh, Jay would be crazy on this,’ or, ‘Oh, A.K. would be crazy on this,’” she said. “And then we’re like, ‘But will it ever be like Empire State of Mind?’”

But the wife to producer Swizz Beatz said she is open to try.

“There’s so much music for us both to do and there’s so much we both have to say —definitely would not limit it.”

She continued: “I would love to do another collaboration with my brother,” she said.

Keys is currently on a press tour promoting her first Christmas album, Santa Baby.

“It evokes such a feeling inside, and these songs are so classic,” the mother of two said.

“From beginning to end, it takes you on a journey,” she concluded. “You feel festive. You feel the warmth of the season. That’s what I’m the most proud of.”

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