Meet Sheena Parker: Her Firm 4SYT Industries Makes Millions Every Year Cleaning Major Sports Arenas

by Gee NY

Sheena Parker, founder and CEO of 4SYT Industries, a Black woman-owned facility maintenance company based in Atlanta, Georgia, is making waves in the industry.

Her company has secured significant contracts with major venues like Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, gearing up for the 2022 World Series.

Parker proudly oversees 4SYT’s crucial role in preparing and maintaining Citizens Bank Park during major events, including the World Series.

Her team of 150 members works tirelessly, performing tasks from pressure washing all 43,035 seats after a rain cancellation to ensuring the venue is spotless before and after games.

“My guys work super hard and they work all night,” Parker told ABC6, highlighting their dedication to tasks ranging from pressure washing and trash pickup to janitorial services.

Beyond sports events, 4SYT Industries also handles preparations for concerts and various other events at Citizens Bank Park.

The company’s reach extends further, encompassing responsibilities for state buildings in Delaware, the Atlanta public school system, and multiple venues along the East Coast spanning six states.

Parker takes pride in being one of the few Black-owned companies to secure such significant contracts in a predominantly male-dominated industry.

As an army veteran, she often finds herself as the only Black woman, and sometimes the only woman, on-site. Parker hopes her success will inspire other women and minorities to pursue their ambitions in similar fields.

“We all have fears,” Parker acknowledges. “I encourage anyone with dreams or business aspirations to push through that fear and just go for it.”

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