Arizona Woman, 21, Charged with 2nd-Degree Murder in Gory Road Rage Incident

by Xara Aziz
Glendale Police

An Arizona woman has been arrested and charged with murder after shooting and killing a man in an incident of road rage.

According to court documents, Navaeh Jai Worsley, 21, was driving along 67th Avenue and Gelding when officers were dispatched to respond to an incident.

“Other drivers within the area contacted law enforcement for a welfare check on the motorcyclist because he was walking his motorcycle down the street, and then toppled over,” said a police spokesperson at a news conference. “Upon arrival, officers located a 23-year-old male motorcycle with an apparent gunshot wound.”

The victim was immediately rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead, police confirmed.

A witness saw the incident and said that they observed people in a silver sedan arguing with the victim.

“[The witness] said the front passenger of the silver sedan exited the vehicle and stood at the side of the vehicle, while holding what [the witness] believed to be a black handgun at their side,” read the court documents. “[The witness] stated this passenger re-entered the silver sedan, at which time [the victim] began driving away, making a southbound turn into 67th Avenue. Both the motorcycle and the sedan sped up significant, to the point that [the witness] could no longer clearly see them.”

The witness later saw the victim lying alongside the roadway near his motorcycle, investigators said. Worsley has been tied to the shooting and authorities found a handgun in the console of the silver sedan. Tests later showed that the handgun was the same weapon used during the shooting.

Court documents further revealed that the suspect has invoked her right to remain silent and chose not to provide a statement.

Worsley has been accused of second-degree murder. She is currently awaiting trial.

According to AAA, “most drivers in the U.S. will come in contact with dangerous drivers. Road rage, commonly characterized by aggressive driving, is a factor in more than 50% of all car crashes that end in fatality,” adding that “road rage episodes resulted in about 30 deaths and 1,800 injuries per year.”

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