Beauty Spotlight: Achieve Flawless Curls With Kimakalon By @MissToyokalon

by Yah Yah

The Kimakalon collection is a well-composed series of short natural styles that can easily be crocheted. The hair fiber is incredibly soft and gentle to the skin it touches. Kimakalon hair retains curls exceptionally well and will deliver a perfected natural hair style that you will definitely love this season!

Kimakalon comes in two different lengths 10”, and 20” when you stretch the hair. Harlem125 have even applied easy to remember names for the sizes of the curls, the Large, Medium, and Small, making a total of six choices.

What’s even better is that you can mix the Large and Medium or Small curls as your creativity takes you and create your very own styles. You can even mix 10” Small curl at the nape and sides and use 20” Large curl at the top to create a salon styled look. The center part where hair is crocheted, is shaped uniquely for hair to stay without bulging or sliding. If you know how to crochet, you can easily create Kimakalon styles yourself!

You may think this is just simple looking curls or the standard crochet hair and that we’re exaggerating, but the hidden secret to this style is in the bouncy spring motion it gives!
With Kimakalon, you will know the difference!

Here what our Toyokalon brand ambassadors have to say about Kimakalon on the next page!

“My experience with Kimakalon hair was amazing. Very soft to touch and mimics the African American hair texture. The different coil sizes give you the option to choose the curl pattern that best suits your natural hair texture. The coils were very bouncy, which gave it very natural movement and effortless styling options. Overall I had a very positive experience with the hair. I change my hair frequently so I loved that I could get two styles out of one hair. It was awesome!”Glam By Merry

“This hair is so big, curly and cute! I’ve been getting compliments on it since I’ve installed it. It reminds me of my natural hair, and it’s an easy fluff and goes style for every day. Very low maintenance hairstyle.”Taylor Travels 

“I am so in love with the new texture by Toyokalon fiber that is the KimaKalon texture. This hair is amazing, and it is so soft and bouncy. Love the fact that it is super light; I do not like heavy hair on my head my head just can’t cope. KimaKalon hair surprised me because it actually imitates the natural hair curly texture for example if you have natural hair and you use perm rods, bendy rollers, Bantu knots even twist out. This hair has the same results, so it is good for those protective styling. It also comes in different curl patterns which is a bonus as it is very versatile.”Jane Nashe 

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