Beyoncé Sets The Record Straight On Her ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album: ‘This Ain’t A Country Album, It’s A “Beyoncé Album’ 

by Grace Somes
Beyoncé || Image credit:@beyonce

 Beyoncé says the ‘Cowboy Carter’ album, the second act of her Renaissance trilogy, is just 10 days away from birth!

Queen Bey went online to clear up misconceptions about her new album, ‘Act II Cowboy Carter.’ Ten days before its release, the singer clarified that her project is not a country album, despite its influence from that genre.

As earlier reported, Beyoncé released two songs, ‘Texas Hold’ Em and ’16 Carriages’, after teasing them in a Super Bowl commercial. By the end of last month, she had become the first Black woman to reach No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. It also marks her first No. 1 in that genre.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the singer-songwriter shared the Cowboy Carter album cover on her official Instagram page. 

The Cowboy Carter album cover, a clear continuation of the Renaissance aesthetic, depicts Queen Bey in a regal pose atop a striking white horse. As she raises the American flag, she wears red, white, and blue chaps, a simple white cowboy hat, and long platinum blonde hair. The background is black, similar to the Renaissance album artwork, except for a slightly illuminated dirt road at the bottom of the frame.

In her lengthy caption, she detailed the inspiration behind the new record, which has been in the making for “five years.” 

“I feel honored to be the first Black woman with the number one single on the Hot Country Songs chart. That would not have happened without the outpouring of support from each of you.”

“The criticisms I faced when I first entered this genre forced me to propel past the limitations that were put on me,” she continued. “[Act II] is a result of challenging myself and taking my time to bend and blend genres together to create this body of work. I have a few surprises on the album and collaborated with some brilliant artists I deeply respect. I hope you can hear my heart and soul and all the love and passion I poured into every detail and sound.”

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