Black Republican Candidate Slams Black Caucus for Supporting Her White Male Democratic Challenger

by Xara Aziz

The Congressional Black Caucus has decided to back a White male Democratic congressman rather than his opponent in her quest to become the only Black female GOP member in Congress.

“It’s the American people versus the DC politicians and lobbyists,” said Jennifer-Ruth Green, a candidate for Indiana’s First Congressional District. “I’m with the American people. The Congressional Black Caucus is with the politicians and lobbyists, and their career politician ally Frank Mrvan. America’s poorest communities are proof Frank Mrvan and the CBC care more about power and helping themselves than helping the people of northwest Indiana. It’s sad.”

Documents reveal that CBC has financially backed the campaign of Democratic Congressman Frank Mrvan with a $5,000 donation as he runs to clench the congressional seat in Indiana.

In a statement given to Fox News Digital, the Congressional Black Caucus PAC said that they are “committed to electing African-Americans and African-American allies to Congress who will fight for our values. Congressman Mrvan understands the importance of a woman’s right to choose and protecting access to healthcare for all people. One of his first votes in Congress was for the American Rescue Plan which helped end this pandemic, put workers back on the job, and shored up the kinds of small businesses that are the backbone of Black community.”

It continued: “We support him because we know he will continue to fight against racial and economic injustice and ensure Northwest Indiana is able to continue to grow and thrive.”

But Green refuted parts of CBC’s remarks, stating that Americans regardless of party, race, or gender are “suffering under the failed policies of Washington politicians.”

Earlier this month, several high-profile GOP members supported Green after POLITICO ousted her personal experience as a victim of sexual assault. The news was published despite her repeated requests to refrain from releasing the information.

“The reality of it is – like I said at one point in my life to my assailant, ‘No. Please stop. Don’t.’ –  and he did what he wanted to do…This is the exact same situation all over again, all because there was a man who wanted some sort of gratification,” Green told Fox News Digital at the time the information was made public.

She added that the POLITICO reporter, Adam Wren, who released the story “gets his gratification of thinking he’s going to get a good smear story out of it. And all it does is essentially reopen wounds for victims.”

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