Cannes 2024: Watch Kelly Rowland ‘Scold’ Female Security Guard On The Red Carpet

by Grace Somes
Kelly Rowland || Image credit: @kellyrowland

On the iconic steps of the red carpet of the 77th Cannes Film Festival, Kelly Rowland had her biggest diva moment on Tuesday night, engaging in a furious argument with security.

The former singer of Destiny’s Child attended the Marcello Mio movie premiere wearing a long train and a red, flowing strapless gown. She accessorized her look with a matching bag, ring, and necklace made of diamonds.

A video that shows the former member of Destiny’s Child getting into a heated argument with one of the event security guards has started making the rounds on social media.

As security personnel guides her and the other guests up the stairs, Rowland is seen stepping onto the stairs in the video, smiling and posing elegantly for the cameras.

A female security guard manning the event held Rowland’s arm up behind her as she ascended a flight of stairs as if to direct her away from the throng and inside the venue.

In addition, the woman in the black pantsuit seemed to speak to Rowland or the security guard standing to the songstress’ right.

Whatever happened did not sit well with Rowland, who turned to face the female employee immediately.

The Grammy winner seemed to chastise the woman in front of everyone, holding up her left pointer finger with a frown.

The woman answered, looking flustered.

Some viewers have surmised that the altercation may have begun when the security guard stepped on Rowland’s gorgeous red dress hem, even though the audio in the video is unclear.

Others have speculated that it might have been because a specific security guard was escorting the celebrity up the stairs; as many have pointed out, the security guard can be seen walking behind Rowland while raising her hands.

Meanwhile, some have only suspected that the security officer might have said something to Rowland or the male guard stationed to the singer’s right to appear to agitate her.

Although it’s unclear which of these problems led to the altercation, some have suggested that it might have been a combination.

Rowland has not yet addressed the apparent incident online. But she posted about the event on her Instagram, showing her posing in her gown.

She wrote: “Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Thank you… @kilianparis, for having me!! @messika for the [diamond emoji] for the red dress.”

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