Cardi B Has Blogger’s $3 Million Defamation Suit Thrown Out of Court

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Cardi B has landed another win in the court after a judge ruled in her favor to dismiss a lawsuit accusing her of defamation.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, blogger Tasha K’s counter lawsuit over claims Cardi threatened her with violence will be dismissed.

“[Cardi B.], who is a known member of the Blood gang, with tens of millions of fans, recorded and published numerous videos attacking Ms. Kebe’s credibility, calling her all sorts of names, threatening her livelihood and her personal safety…knowing how influential her opinions can be, [Cardi B.] decided to record and publish a number of videos attacking Ms. Kebe’s credibility, calling her all sorts of names, and threatening her livelihood,” Tasha K’s wrote in her countersuit.

Tasha K also insisted that her reports were protected by the First Amendment.

[Cardi B.’s] plot to retaliate against a reporter, with threats of violence, for publishing a truthful story goes beyond all bounds of decency,” she continues.

“Our society does not allow its citizens to intentionally retaliate against one another for any type of conduct, especially not conduct that is protected by our Constitution. In short, [Cardi B ] (a public figure and known gang member) summoned her fellow gang members to intimidate, threaten, and commit violent acts upon a pregnant reporter, who is essentially a stranger… for simply doing her job and publishing a truthful story.”

Cardi B first sued Tasha K after she claimed in a video that the record-breaking rapper is infected with Herpes. Tasha K also claimed that Cardi had worked as a prostitute and abused drugs.

The judge will let the jury decide the outcome of Cardi’s lawsuit.

The judge says that Taska K presented video evidence where the “Plaintiff has at least admitted to being a pr-stitute and as to her use of drugs.” The order adds, “For example, in a video produced in opposition …. it appears that Plaintiff is discussing engaging in s-xual acts for money. In that same video, Plaintiff discusses her use of drugs and about having to “pop pills” sometimes when necessary.”

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