CBS News Co-Host Gayle King, 69, Empowers Women Everywhere by Sharing Dating Insights and Standards on the Tamron Hall Show

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Gayle King Keeps It Real About Finding Love Later in Life

Gayle King, the 69-year-old CBS News co-host and recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model, is empowering women everywhere with her candid insights on dating as an older woman. During an appearance on the Tamron Hall Show, King opened up about her desire to find love again and the standards she has for a potential partner.

“I Don’t Want to Be a Nurse or a Purse”

King made it clear that she’s not looking for someone to take care of. “I don’t want to be a nurse or a purse,” she stated. Her ideal partner would be confident, have their own business or career, and celebrate her success rather than feeling intimidated by it.

“You want somebody who celebrates you, who is excited for you, who is very comfortable in their own skin,” King explained. “And that is very difficult.”

Embracing Dating Younger Men

While some might shy away from age gaps in relationships, King embraced the idea of dating younger men. “Definitely younger. Definitely younger,” she said, clarifying that she doesn’t want someone she could have given birth to.

King expressed a preference for men in their 50s, though she emphasized that physical appearance isn’t the most important factor. “I [would] like it that they have all of their teeth. That would be nice,” she quipped.

Making Time for Love Despite a Busy Schedule

Despite her demanding career, King insisted that she makes herself “alert and available” for potential romantic connections. “If you meet the right person, you know, people always say your plate is very full. I would move him in between the mashed potatoes and the meatloaf,” she joked.

Overcoming Past Hurts and Embracing Positivity

King’s candid discussion also touched on her past divorce from her ex-husband, lawyer William Bumpus, citing his infidelity as a factor in their split. However, she remained positive, stating, “No pity party for me. I’m really okay.”

Bumpus, for his part, praised King’s recent Sports Illustrated cover, expressing pride in her accomplishments and wishing her happiness.

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