Coco Gauff Returns Home to Refurbish the Tennis Court She Trained In As A Child And Enhance Access to Tennis Courts Nationwide

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Tennis sensation Coco Gauff is making a triumphant return to her hometown, marking her 20th birthday in style.

Gauff has not only secured her spot in the upcoming Paris Olympics as the first U.S. tennis player but is also embarking on a heartfelt mission to refurbish the very tennis court where she honed her skills as a child.

Partnering with the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA), Gauff aims to enhance access to tennis courts nationwide, starting with the courts at Pompey Park, where she once trained tirelessly.

This initiative, backed by a generous $3 million grant, underscores Gauff’s commitment to sports and community engagement, paying homage to her family’s impactful legacy in civil rights and education in Delray.

“I want to pour into the communities that poured into me,” Gauff told NBC News.

She said she is driven by a deep desire to promote not just tennis but also various extracurricular activities that provide essential outlets for young individuals.

Gauff’s aspirations for 2024 extend beyond mere athletic achievements. She has set her sights on clinching another Grand Slam title and an Olympic medal.

She said her motivations run deep, drawing inspiration from tennis icons Serena and Venus Williams and her own family’s remarkable history.

“The more access you allow children to get to these [courts] — and the more children that are playing — is the greater the probability of the next great champion coming along,” Gauff affirmed.

Gauff’s dedication to uplifting her community and fostering opportunities for future generations remains a key feature of her rise to stardom.

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