Country Singer Brittney Spencer: ‘I Was That Kid So Sad They Wouldn’t Let Me Sing Whitney Houston’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Brittney Spencer is one of country music’s freshest new stars. Her newest single, “Sober & Skinny” has already hit the Top 40 on iTunes and as it stands — her country future is looking bright.

But her heart wasn’t always set on a career in country music.

The rising star opened up to People about her journey. Spencer was fully focused on attending the George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology as a teenager.

“I knew I would have to sing classical music there,” she told People. “So, I went to my middle school teacher and said, ‘Hey, I want to sing classical music’ and she started working with me every single day, teaching me how to sing an Italian aria. My world has always been knowing how to do this and that. I was playing steel drums in music class and then after school I’d sing Broadway and then I would sing classical music.”

Spencer says that at one point, she was held back from truly expressing herself musically.

“I was that kid that was so sad that they wouldn’t let me sing Whitney Houston at the services, so I would just put on concerts in the ladies restroom downstairs,” the Baltimore native shared.

Now that “Sober & Skinny” is climbing the charts, it seems that following her dreams is beginning to pay off.

“It’s not exactly autobiographical, but it’s definitely inspired by my own story and relationships where weight has been a factor, because I’m not a size two,” she says. “The two things in this song are really just a metaphor for the idea that everybody’s got something they need to change. It’s so easy to fixate on someone else’s thing that they need to change while ignoring the thing that you probably need to get a handle on yourself.”

Spencer adds that even if nobody else loved her new single, she would still be proud of it.

Top 40 on iTunes is definitely getting some love.

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