Cuban Doll Appears to ‘Out’ JayDaYoungan While Detailing Breakup: ‘I’m Gay Also’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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DALLAS — When Cuban Doll split from JayDaYoungan months back, many wondered why the rap couple had parted ways.

Cuban Doll took to Twitter to put a rest to all of the rumors.

“The real reason me & jay broke up I went through his phone & seen gay stuff,” she tweeted.

“Ain’t nothing with that I never said anything because I don’t thinks he ready to tell y’all maybe I’m wrong for even saying this but it’s honestly truth. It’s okay I’m GAY ALSO,” she continued along with heart emojis.

Cuban has had her fair share of social media spats. She’s had several encounters online with Asian Doll.

In an interview with Billboard, she says she doesn’t take kindly to disrespect over social media.

“Well, one time, I was in the studio and Punch — he’s one of my managers — I was commenting back to somebody, talking hella s–t, and he was like, “F— that.” I was like, “Nah, f— them.” But I deleted it later on. If I feel like I need to get my point across to someone who’s absolutely clueless, or somebody that comments reckless s–t and other people will add to their comments, I’ll have to come back and say something because some things have to be corrected. “

Apparently, she has no problem dishing it out. Whatever the reason for their breakup, announcing her ex is gay is not her responsibility nor her right.

Still, outing male rappers appears to be a thing this week. Earlier this week, Blac Chyna trended after her Twitter account seemingly ‘outed’ Tyga, the father of her son.

The following day, Chyna’s team claimed the reality television star’s account had been hacked.

“Unfortunately, Blac Chyna’s Twitter account was hacked yesterday as she would not purposely speak negatively about Tyga online,” her representative told The Shade Room.

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