DaniLeigh Arrested and Charged with Fleeing the Scene of a Crash While Driving Under the Influence

by Xara Aziz

Singer and songstress DaniLeigh has been arrested and charged with leaving the scene of the crash including serious bodily injury, driving under the influence and damage to property or person while driving under the influence in Miami Tuesday, reports can confirm.

Born Danielle Leigh Curiel, the 28-year-old Miami native was found after deputies were called to the scene shortly after midnight. According to police records obtained by USA Today, the No Limits star was driving a gray Mercedes Benz at a high speed when she hit a motorist on a moped. She then fled the scene, witnesses say.

According to police, her vehicle was dragging the moped but she continued driving. Multiple witnesses attempted to get her attention but did not stop. The motorist, whose identity has been withheld, suffered a spinal fracture and kidney laceration. The motorist is expected to make a full recovery and sustained non-life-threatening injuries, medical personnel at a local Miami hospital said.

When authorities attempted to pull over the suspect, she refused to stop, according to police. She finally pulled over after an officer repeatedly honked his horn and found that her responses to questions were “sluggish.” Police say she reeked of alcohol and appeared inebriated.

DaniLeigh along with a passenger in her vehicle was arrested at the scene. Police say the vehicle was damaged when she was pulled over and stated that she had just left a Memorial Day party. She denies she was under the influence.

Upon taking a field sobriety test, results found that there was alcohol in her system.

“Her blood alcohol concentration level at the police station registered at 0.145 and 0.148 in two tests, almost twice the legal limit of .08 in Florida,” the USA Today report read. “While searching her car, police said they found an empty bottle of 1942 Don Julio tequila.”

Before being transported to a correctional center, she was taken to a local hospital to receive medical clearance. It is unclear whether she is out on bail.

This story is developing.

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