Danileigh Announces Her Pregnancy

by Shine My Crown Staff
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There has been speculation for months that Danileigh is pregnant — but until today, the singer has kept “mom.”

On Friday, she officially announced that she is pregnant, sharing stunning pics from a waterfall maternity shoot.

“As you grow so does my love, discipline, and focus 🤍”she captioned the post.

Danileigh did not say how far along she is, but it is rumored that the father of her child is “BOP” rapper, DaBaby, whom she split from months back.

Danileigh came under fire at the beginning of the year after she previewed a snippet of her planned single release, “Yellow Bone.”

The single could only be categorized as an ode to light-skinned women. Fans called out Danileigh for her apparent colorism, but instead of immediately apologizing and removing the clip, she lashed out at her critics.

“Why I can’t make a song for my light skin baddies??” wrote DaniLeigh. “Why y’all think I’m hating on other colors when there are millions of songs speaking on all types… Why y’all so sensitive & take it personal… Gahhhh damn.”

Many believed the track was aimed at DaBaby’s ex, Meme, who is a dark-skinned Black woman.

Social media refused to let her off the hook.

Danileigh eventually attempted to issue a genuine apology — but mentioned that she had plenty of dark-skinned gal pals and that her beau is a “chocolate man,” which only succeeding in further upsetting her critics.

“I think people twisted it into thinking, like, I’m trying to bash another woman, another skin tone, that was never my intention. I wasn’t brought up like that, I never looked at my skin as a privilege. I never looked at me as ‘I’m better than somebody because of my skin tone,'” she begins in the video.

Since then, she has laid low and apparently, been quietly enjoying preparing for motherhood.

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