Diddy’s Ex Gina Huynh Accuses Him Of Assault In Shocking Interview Amidst Cassie’s Rape & Abuse Lawsuit

by Grace Somes
Gina Huynh and Diddy|| Image credit: @ginahuynh @diddy

Another ex-girlfriend of Diddy, Gina Huynh, claimed the rapper stomped her in the stomach and punched her in the head while they were dating.

Gina Huynh dropped an explosive account of how Diddy physically assaulted her throughout their 5-year relationship- but the world didn’t believe her. 

The video of the interview with Tasha K has resurfaced following Cassie’s filing a jaw-dropping lawsuit against Diddy for physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. 

Apparently, Gina Huynh was the side piece when Diddy was dating Cassie intermittently. Gina finally had her moment when the 54-year-old music executive publicly outdorred her a year after breaking it off with Cassie in 2018. 

Gina recounted that Diddy preferred to hit the back of her head. She added that she thought he picked that spot on her body so that her hair could hide all the bruises.

“He was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusing me… He would always compare me to Cassie and tell me that I was the bad one. And she’s a good one.”

The model also claimed Diddy offered her $50,000 to get an abortion when she got pregnant in 2014

She divulged that although she terminated that pregnancy and another one, she did not take the “compensation” money.

“I turned it down because I just loved him. I wanted to … I was, like, trying to prove that. I wasn’t the girl that wanted him for money. I just cared about him. I just wanted him to be nice to me. That’s it,” Gina told controversial blogger Tasha K.

Gina continued to reveal that Diddy once muzzled her face until her nose bled. She also disclosed that nobody helped her when she was being physically assaulted, even though those around them knew what was happening.

Currently, the rapper is maintaining that all allegations are false.

Information from blogger Neighbourhood Talk indicates that Cassie has agreed to an out-of-court settlement

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