Doja Cat Weighs in on Cancel Culture: ‘People Want to See Everyone Lose’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Doja Cat has been “canceled” by social media several times — it still has not managed to stick.

In a candid interview with Nick Cannon, the “Streets” singer gave her opinions on the current cancel culture.

“If it’s something that’s hurtful towards people, you apologize for it and you grow and you move on,” she said. “But then there is times where people will understand you’re apologetic—or they don’t have to accept your apology at all, which is completely fair. but it’s how you handle it and I think that if you are combative against people who are continuously trying to tear you down, it doesn’t benefit you or the other people.”

She continues, “People want to see everyone lose. The chaos is entertaining, is it not?” Doja added. “It happens but people have good reason to be upset sometimes and people have no reason to be upset sometimes.”

The singer recently faced backlash after editing a bikini pic. During the interview, she also addressed misogyny in the music industry.

“When you dress up like you are going on a night out in Miami and you have a little skirt on and a little bikini on, you show a lot of skin, you’re very sexy, you do this and you rap about f–king people and you’re doing all this stuff… People will put you in a category and for them to be comfortable, they’ll make it seem like you are not very smart, you are just a girl who is just a rapper,” she asserted.

“You don’t have a great sense of humor maybe, or you’re stuck up… like female rappers are vapid or less than smart, I feel that’s how they’re looked at.”

But Doja Cat’s entire journey to the mainstream proves that she is anything but vapid. Her viral single, “Mooo!” was not only written by the chart-topping singer, but she also produced the beat and directed the video.

She is a woman of many talents.

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