Doja Cat: ‘When It Comes to Rap, I Could Be Better’

by Yah Yah
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Doja Cat and Missy Elliott sat down to grill each other for an article for Interview Magazine.

Doja’s style is offbeat. Quirky. Colorful and uber-sexy — and it’s evident that Missy has influenced the star majorly. But during the interview, Doja admits she had some work to do when it comes to her bars.

“When it comes to rap I could be better. I think everybody feels that way with their own art, in all kinds of ways,” she tells Missy.

“But I see all these incredibly talented rappers around me, and I’m like, “Yeah, I’m doing pop, but I should focus on my pen now more than ever.” I’m good, and I can be funny and charming, and I can do little punchlines here and there, but I need to talk about my life more, and about what’s going on.

This week it was announced that Doja’s “Need To Know,” her fourth top 10 on the Billboard Global 200, means that the singer now has four songs into the top 10 on the Billboard Global 200. This ties her with Ariana Grande and Olivia Rodrigo.

Still, she says she wants to be like Missy in the years to come.

“In regards to you, you make the same hard-hitting, crazy shit that I’ve been hearing since day one. I hope I’m like that in the future. There are people I used to listen to who don’t sound the same, and switched their thing up; maybe they needed to change their entire brand,” she gushed.

“But you’re one of the few who were able to keep their sound, and I love that about you. I definitely see a lot of new artists, but it doesn’t make me feel like I need to change my sound. Even though I was born in 1995, I’m stuck in 2010, or 2004. I feel like I need to revamp my sound, but I’m also having a lot of fun, so f—k it, who cares?”

Read the full article here.

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