Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Struggling ‘Mightily’ in Nude Photo Posted on Instagram

by Xara Aziz

Award-winning actress Gabrielle Union has bared it all after sharing a nude photo of herself to her 20 million Instagram followers.

“Naked & Unafraid. The Rebirth Will Be GLORIOUS,” she captioned the photo while shouting out fellow Hollywood starlet, Lauren London.

“P.S. Thank you @laurenlondon you showed up like the angel you are and dropped some knowledge & love on me that has changed the course of my life,” she added.

She posted the image as a way to surrender and express her vulnerabilities, she said, after revealing that she’d been struggling with a lot over the past several months.

“P.S.S. THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to pour into me these last few months as I’ve struggled mightily. THANK YOU!!!!!” she wrote.

In true Instagram fashion, her comments were flooded with light and love from her supporters – not just because of the racy photo, but because of her candid caption, which was meant to let people know that those suffering from the stresses of life are not alone.

“Never letting you do it on your own. We got you. Then, now and always,” wrote one commenter.

“The light you bring into this world is blinding. You are a constant teacher to me and everyone around you. I am beyond grateful for you. Sending you so much love,” wrote another fan.

While it is not clear what exactly Union is going through, she has opened up in the past about post traumatic stress from being raped as a teen and the saddening effects of trying to conceive before she gave birth to her first born, Kaavia.

In another picture she posted to Instagram recently, she admitted that “these last few months working have been one long ass trigger for me. Reliving trauma for art sake takes a massive toll, but it’s the expectation of being all things to all people simultaneously is what brings me to my knees. I know I’m not alone. You are not alone. We can be here for each other. Cheers to those of us who struggle to keep pedaling everyday when the waves of anguish wash over us. Cheers to staying on the bike, training wheels and all. Love and light good people. We are stronger together.”

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