Ghanaian Trailblazer, Alice Gyamfi Makes Family History with Law Degree And New York Bar Pass

by Gee NY
Alice Gyamfi

Alice Gyamfi, hailing from Ghana, has shattered barriers and achieved a significant milestone as the first in her family to pursue formal education and attain a law degree.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Gyamfi’s determination and perseverance led her to pass the New York bar exam after graduating from Penn State Law in 2020.

Reflecting on her journey, Gyamfi attributes much of her success to her grandmother, who served as her source of inspiration and support.

Recalling the moment she shared her aspirations with her grandmother, Gyamfi fondly remembers being affectionately dubbed her “granddoctah.”

Despite Gyamfi’s modesty in declining the title of Doctor at that time, her grandmother instilled in her a sense of purpose and belief in her abilities.

In a heartfelt post on LinkedIn, Gyamfi expressed gratitude to her grandmother, stating:

“She sent me off to law school with $100 and an anointing. This degree belongs to her.”

Gyamfi’s journey serves as a testament to the power of determination, family support, and the pursuit of education against all odds.

Her achievement not only marks a personal triumph but also paves the way for future generations within her family and community.

Gyamfi’s story resonates as an inspiring example of resilience and the transformative impact of education.

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