Jennifer Hudson Cries Reading Son’s Mother’s Day Letter To Her

by Grace Somes
Jennifer Hudson and son, David. || Image credit: @iamjhud

Jennifer Hudson’s best friend Walter delivered a surprise Mother’s Day ‘Happy Mail’ letter , a heartfelt gesture she wasn’t expecting. 

Jennifer Hudson was deeply moved when she received an unexpected surprise as Mother’s Day approached. The renowned actress and singer, known for her powerful performances, was brought to tears by her son’s heartfelt letter.

“Dear Jennifer, I had to write you some Happy Mail this Mother’s Day to tell you all about my amazing mom. Her name is Jennifer Hudson,” the letter began.

“I got so confused… wait… Is this from my baby?” she screamed in disbelief.

On August 10, 2009, Hudson welcomed her son David Daniel Otunga Jr., her first and only child. She shares him with her ex-fiance, former WWE star David Otunga, with whom she had a ten-year relationship that ended in November 2017. At their breakup, Hudson had an emergency protection order against Otunga; however, she revoked it two weeks later.

“The mother of one continued to read the letter, ‘I love you, Mom. I love that you always point out all the lessons in every experience or occasion. I love it when we go shopping together,” the letter continued to list all the lovely things they do together. “I love when we make food (he makes the food; I can’t cook) and have yummy moments. I love when you come to support me at my basketball game.”

“It feels good to perform for you the way you do for others. Oh, I appreciate you, and I’m so happy you’re my mom. Happy Mother’s Day. Love, David.”

Jennifer Hudson has been selective in sharing her son’s moments with the public, often posting pictures of him on social media, particularly in dance-related videos. 

David Daniel Otunga Jr., who frequently performs duets with his mother on stage and accompanies her on the red carpet, has inherited her talent for entertaining.

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