Jess Hilarious Suggests Nicki Minaj Dragged Katt Williams On Pink Friday 2 Because “The Tour Is Not Selling”

by Grace Somes
Jess Hilarious, Katt Williams and Nicki Minaj || Image credit: @jesshilarious_official @nickiminaj @kattwilliams

Jess Hilarious has made a daring claim that Nicki Minaj’s invitation to Katt Williams on her tour may be due to low ticket sales.

The stand-up comedian, known for her outspoken nature, has raised doubts about Nicki Minaj’s intentions to include Katt Williams on the Pink Friday 2 Tour.

With the ‘Pink Friday 2’ Tour set to begin in just a few days on March 1, Nicki Minaj requested fan support to bring comedian Katt Williams on tour.

The news hit many people who speculated why adding Katt Williams to the lineup, including Jess entertaining the thought that Pink Friday 2 is not selling.

In a recent episode of Jess With The Mess: Uncut, the newest host of The Breakfast Club speculated that the rapper may have hired the renowned comedian due to low ticket sales.

According to Jess Hilarious, Katt Williams is too expensive to be the opening act on an album tour.

“When the fuck did Nicki and Katt Williams even have a f*cking relationship? To put him on your tour?” Jess asked.

The 32-year-old insisted that people “who do things like this” are because their tours usually aren’t selling.

“Usually, people do things like this when the tour is not selling. Maybe it isn’t. Now, that’s very expected these days because of the economy,” Jess Hilarious continued.

She even called out Beyoncé’s high-selling Renaissance World Tour.

Setting it as a standard, Jess Hilarious added, “People put sht on layaway to buy RENAISSANCE tickets. The economy is in such a sht place right now. It’s totally expected to not sell out your f*cking tour.

“No icon, no matter how big or small, is exempt from promotion. You promoted that album, you did interviews, and you popped out. You promoted ‘HISS’.”

Jess’s comment isn’t sitting well with the Barbz, who rose in their legions to defend their Queen.

“The tour has been sold out, Ms. Mommas. Do your research first cause the lies y’all tell on the breakfast club should be a crime,” one person said.

Another added, “Nah Jess when Nicki comes to question you, we don’t want u acting dumb like u didn’t say nothing.”

Live Nation Entertainment reported that Pink Friday 2 has become Nicki Minaj’s best-selling tour, with more than 25 sold-out arena shows in just days of presale.

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