Jill Scott Addresses Rumored Sex Tape: ‘I Expect This Energy When My New Movies Drop’

by Yah Yah

Earlier this week, the internet was ablaze as reports of a rumored sex tape starring Jill Scott surfaced online.

Twitter was eagerly trying to secure a link to the video but was unable to find one. When Scott caught wind of the rumors, she responded with her trademark wit:

“Say word!?! I expect this energy when my new movies, albums and tv show drop. Ya’ll too much. #headedbacktowork #hydrate”

Scott’s bountiful curves regularly trend online… but this isn’t the first time the trending topic has been a tad more salacious.

In 2018, the Philly songstress went viral when she got up close and personal with a microphone at one of her shows while performing her fan favorite, “Crown Royal.”

At the time, Scott leaned into the buzz:

“Hi. I sing/act out all kinds of stories. You should cum to my shows. After a Jill Scott show, most people get splendidly laid by whoever they came with #iftheydontFitup #stopfrontinusuckd*cktoo They also usually go on 2happier, more productive, focused, wealthy lives,” she tweeted.

She later addressed the controversy in an interview with Big Tigger:

“Yeah. I didn’t expect it. I was really, really caught off guard,” she said. “That had been a part of my show off and on, depending on the audience and what I wanted to say that night. It had been a part of the show for maybe about five years, depending, you know. So, I was really surprised, but I know who did it and I know why they did it,” she said.

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