Keke Palmer Captures Her Son, Leo, Saying “Mama” For The First Time (Video)

by Grace Somes
Keke Palmer and Son, Leo || Image credit: @keke

Keke Palmer and her 1-year-old son, Leodis “Leo” Andrellton Jackson, are the cutest mother-son duo on the internet! The 30-year-old actress has ticked off being called “mama” from her checklist. 

Keke Palmer recently captured an extraordinary moment with her son, Leo, and shared the footage with the world.

The Emmy winner took to Instagram on Friday to share a special moment with her 13-month-old son.

 In the clip, Palmer held her son in her arms while doing hair and makeup for a current project. Despite her “bloody” makeup, giving her a “bloodstained” look, Leo cuddled up to her.

Casually chatting with her 1-year-old son, Keke Palmer joked, “Why you always gotta play shy, brother?”

She continues as he rests his head on her shoulder, “You is not shy, brother!”

The video kept rolling as the pair stopped to stare at the camera for a couple of seconds before the actress turned toward her son and asked, “Do Mommy look good with the blood on her face?”

Leo is then heard saying “Mama” to Palmer off-screen. And Palmer’s reaction was priceless.

The excited Keke Palmer’s jaws dropped in amazement. The “Nope” actress then looked around the room for a split second and shouted, “OH!”

“I’m not crying. YOU ARE,” Keke Palmer captioned the adorable video after uploading it online for her fans to share in the joy.

Keke Palmer’s recent video holding her son while on set in costume and makeup is a real-time glimpse of her juggling motherhood and a demanding career

The actress is the sole custodian of her son, Leo, after filing a restraining order against her ex, Darius Jackson, with whom she shares her son.

The temporary restraining order was allowed after Keke supplied evidence of the fitness trainer allegedly “hitting” and “dragging” her inside her home.

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