Kenya Moore Spills Intimate Details About Husband Marc Daly in Explosive Interview Making Rounds Online

by Xara Aziz
YouTube via Bravo

Kenya Moore is opening up about her failed marriage in a bombshell interview with former Real Housewives of Atlanta executive producer Carlos King.

In King’s latest episode of Reality with The King, the former beauty pageant queen and reality star shared what has delayed her divorce from being finalized, claiming that Marc Daly is “trying to undo” her rights as a mother to her firstborn child, Brooklyn, 4.

“I do want to expand my family and I do want to marry again, even though I’m not divorced yet,” Moore said. 

“Is he trying to take your money?” King questioned.

“He wants me to pay his bills and some payment no one understands what the payment is for, but that’s not holding up the divorce because I would pay him whatever to go away,” she replied. “He is trying to undo my rights to Brooklyn when it comes to TV appearances because he is now doing a reality TV show.”

The 52-year-old Detroit native further revealed that she believes Daly is working on a new show and she thinks it will be a series.

On a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Moore became enraged with fellow star Marlo Hampton after she persistently banged on her door while her daughter was in the room.

“Who the f*ck is banging on my door?” Kenya screamed. “What the f*ck is wrong with you? My child is sleeping! Get the f*ck out of…STOP! Psycho f*cking a**holes.”

Reliving the moment, the mother of one said that Daly is now using the scene against her because he wants Brooklyn to be on the series she thinks he is working on.

“Well, he was allegedly upset because this is a man who hasn’t seen his daughter for a total of two days in two years,” Moore explained. “So what he’s trying to do is trump up charges so he can have me sign off on her appearing in his show and that is what has held up the divorce because if it was other things I’d sign off.”

She continued: “‘You want this money? Here, I’ll make more. He was trying to take my rights to Brooklyn when it comes to TV appearances because he wants her to be on the show.”

She further added that she doesn’t blame the reality show for her marital woes, although she does believe “Marc ruined our marriage. Marc ruined our marriage. I’m a good wife and I will be a great one to the next man.”

Daly has yet to respond to Moore’s claims.

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