Maranda Walker Dowell: Meet The Woman Building A Shopping Center And Community In Rhode Island

by Gee NY

Maranda Walker Dowell is breaking new ground in real estate development, as a driving force behind a transformative project in Rhode Island.

As the co-founder of Genesis Development Partners, she’s bringing her vision for inclusivity and economic empowerment to life on a 3.5-acre site in Kingstown.

According to Black News, Dowell’s project isn’t just about bricks and mortar. It’s about building a community hub that meets local needs and creates opportunities for growth.

With a strategic focus on diversity and community engagement, Dowell aims to redefine the local landscape while fostering economic empowerment for all.

At the core of the development is a 20-year ground lease from McDonald’s, signaling a major step forward for the project. Plans include a 12,000-square-foot strip and a much-needed car wash, catering to the area’s demand for services.

To fund the venture, Dowell has turned to equity crowdfunding platform Vesterr, aiming to raise $300,000 to support equity and pre-development costs.

Embracing equity crowdfunding isn’t just about financing for Dowell—it’s about democratizing real estate investment.

By inviting unaccredited investors to participate, she’s breaking down barriers and ensuring that everyone has a chance to share in the project’s success.

“For me, it’s about going from success to significance,” says Dowell. “I want to create opportunities for others who look like me—to show them that they too can be part of something meaningful.”

With a lease secured from McDonald’s and negotiations underway with Taco Bell, Dowell’s project is on track to make a lasting impact.

To learn more about Genesis Development Partners and how to get involved, visit

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