Leaked Bodycam Video Raises Questions Over Police Conduct in Breonna Taylor Case

by Shine My Crown Staff
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Newly released police body camera footage capturing the aftermath of the Breonna Taylor has been leaked online and raise more questions over the police officers’ conduct that night.

The video, obtained by VICE News, shows one of the officers — who now faces criminal charges for firing his gun into her apartment building — violating police policy by visiting the crime scene after the shooting.

Former officer Brett Hankison can be seen entering the apartment and asking other officers about shell casings at the scene. Hankison approaches the front door and asks a fellow officer whether someone is dead inside the apartment. He then leaves before returning minutes later, steps inside, and asks whether the other officers found a rifle and if the shell casings on the ground are “theirs.”

“Is that theirs?” Hankison asks.

Another officer replies: “No, it’s ours, looks like — But I’d back out until they get [the Public Integrity Unit] in here,” an officer tells him.

Per police policy, officers must remain “isolated from all non-essential individuals for the remainder of the initial investigation” in which they’re involved.

In more of the footage obtained by VICE News, which was collected from 45 different cameras, also appears to support statements made by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, that officers threatened to set a dog after him and that he would go to prison for the rest of his life.

Walker is seen walking backward towards the officers with his hands in the air. “Walk straight back or I will send this dog,” an officer tells him.

“What did I do?” Walker asks.

Hankison responds: “You’re going to prison, that’s what’s going on. For the rest of your f*cking life.”

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