Lizzo Opens Up About Battling Depression: ‘I’m Not as Carefree as I Used to Be’

by Grace Somes
Lizzo || Image credit: @lizzobeeating

“My smile reaches my eyes again, and that’s a win,” the singer said she’s feeling happy again after a 10-month depression episode.

Last year, the four-time Grammy winner was sued for allegedly creating a hostile work environment and engaging in sexual harassment by her former dancers.

Since August of last year, Lizzo (real name: Melissa Jefferson) and her former backup dancers have been involved in a legal dispute over allegations of racial and sexual harassment as well as the creation of a hostile work environment.

In September, fashion designer Asha Daniels, who worked on tour with her, accused Lizzo and others, including the wardrobe manager, of maintaining an “unsafe, sexually charged workplace culture.” 

Daniels alleged members listed in her lawsuit openly discussed “hiring sex workers for lewd acts, attending sex shows and buying hard drugs.” 

The “About Damn Time” singer posted a makeup-free selfie to Instagram on Wednesday, May 22, along with the words, “I’m the happiest I’ve been in 10 months.”

“The strange thing about depression is you don’t know you’re in it until you’re out of it. I’m not as carefree as I used to be,” Lizzo continued. “But the dark cloud that followed me daily is finally clearing up.”

“My smile reaches my eyes again, and that’s a win,” she explained.

“I thought my album was finished… but I gotta get some of these good vibes off in a banger real quick. Thanks for your patience.”

Amidst the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by her former dancers against her earlier this year, the singer misled fans into thinking she was abandoning the music business.

In a lengthy social media statement, the singer refuted the accusations, saying, “My work ethic, morals, and respectfulness have been questioned.” There has been criticism of my character. Normally, I don’t reply to unfounded accusations. Still, these are too ridiculous to ignore—they are as unbelievable as they sound.

Lizzo’s recent appearance at the Grammys also stirred up controversy. Many have criticized it, claiming the industry should have banned her after the harassment lawsuits came against her. 

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