19-Year-Old’s Marriage To 63-Year-Old Bishop 2 Years Ago Stirs New Debate After Man’s Attempt To Defend Their Union

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Jordan Goodlett and Bishop Dwight Reed

A video capturing a 63-year-old Bishop’s fervent defense of his marriage to a 19-year-old congregant has resurfaced, reigniting debates two years after the couple initially made headlines in Iowa.

In the viral footage, Bishop Dwight Reed, 63, passionately addresses his congregation, emphasizing his protective stance over his wife, Jordan Goodlett, who was 19 when they wed.

Reed asserts his authority and condemns any interference in their relationship, boldly declaring:

““And I wish some of ya’ll would mess with my wife, Jordan. Talking about, ‘what you gonna do if you see her?’ Well, you will see me on the news!” Reed proclaimed. “You better walk by and say ‘praise the lord!’ that’s what you better do, because that’s my wife! And she grown! She didn’t need nobody to sign no paper work for her. If this was out in the streets, ya’ll would be saying she made a come-up, but you a hypocrite.”

Reed quotes scripture in support of marriage and asserts that he and his wife have no reservations about their union, adamantly dismissing criticism as hypocritical.

However, despite the legal consent age of 16 in Iowa, the significant age gap between the couple has sparked widespread controversy, with many questioning the appropriateness of their relationship.

The Des Moines Register reports that Reed’s marriage to Jordan marks his third, with their wedding taking place in November 2021.

Concerns have been raised about Reed’s role as the Dean of the Church School, offering special guidance to the teenage Jordan before their relationship evolved.

While legal barriers to their union are absent, critics denounce Reed as a predator and express discomfort over the age gap, calling attention to potential power imbalances and ethical considerations.

Previous legal action has been taken by Reed’s church against those questioning his conduct, highlighting the contentious nature of the situation.

The resurfacing of the video has reignited debates surrounding age disparities in relationships and ethical boundaries, prompting renewed scrutiny of Reed’s actions within his community.

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