Lizzo Tearfully Addresses ‘Fatphobic’ and ‘Racist’ Antagonists

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Lizzo has once again addressed trolls who regularly harass and bully her online.

The artist says despite people others not being accepted, she’s a fully inclusive artist.

“I’m not making music for anybody. I’m a Black woman making music,” she said on live. “I make Black music, period. I’m not serving anyone but myself. Everyone is invited to a Lizzo show, to a Lizzo song.”

Lizzo vowed to fight back.

“It’s fatphobic, it’s racist, and it’s hurtful,” she says in the video.

“What I won’t accept is y’all doing this to Black women over and over and over again, especially us big Black girls,” the singer continued. “When we don’t fit into the box that you want to put us in, you just unleash hatred onto us. It’s not cool. I’m doing this s— for the big Black women in the future who just want to live their lives without being scrutinized or put into boxes.”

After seeing Lizzo break down on social media, her “Rumors” collaborator Cardi B took to Twitter to defend her friend.

“When you stand up for yourself they claim your problematic & sensitive,” the rapper tweeted. “When you don’t they tear you apart until you crying like this. Whether you skinny, big, plastic, they going to always try to put their insecurities on you. Remember these are nerds looking at the popular table.”

Several other celebrities hopped online to defend Lizzo, including “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil.

“Lizzo makes a song about people spending energy trying to bring women down,” she wrote. “Twitter erupts in abuse about her talent and mostly her appearance, and then she cries on IG live while addressing how damaging this culture is, and she gets made fun of for crying. This is so f—ed up.”

As did Hollywood actress Octavia Spencer and singer Chloe Singer.

We hope Lizzo doesn’t let the trolls keep her down.

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