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Mayor Greg Fischer has denied a request from Metro Council asking him to turn over all documents related to the Breonna Taylor case.

Last week, Metro Council warned the mayor that if he did not release all documents from the case, there would be “clear and decisive action by the Metro Council.”

“While I take your requests in good faith, I must misunderstand your request for the release of all documents that relate to the Breonna Taylor case, given the fact that your request would include the investigative materials currently being reviewed by the FBI, the Department of Justice and the attorney general for potential criminal prosecution,” Fischer wrote in response to the request.

The request comes days after it was claimed in a lawsuit that Taylor’s shooting was reportedly the result of a Louisville police department procedure to clear out a block as part of a significant gentrification plan.

In a lawsuit filed last week by attorneys representing Taylor’s family, lawyers stated plans initiated for a “high investment, high dollar real estate development” for Elliot Avenue. Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, the target of the warrant (which has since disappeared) Jamarcus Cordell Glover rented a home on the avenue — which presented a “roadblock” for the project.

Fischer vehemently denied the allegations at the time.

“Those are outrageous allegations without foundation or supporting facts,” a spokesperson for the mayor told WLKY. “They are insulting to the neighborhood members of the Vision Russell initiative and all the people involved in the years of work being done to revitalize the neighborhoods of west Louisville.”