‘Lovecraft Country’ Creator, Misha Green, Drops Teaser After HBO Cancels Season 2

by Shine My Crown Staff
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“Lovecraft Country” creator Misha Green has teased how the second season would have played out, hours after HBO announced it would not be renewing the series.

The teaser was a map of North America, but the states were divided up into four colors — white, gold, black and green.

“A taste of the Season 2 Bible. Wish we could have brought you #LovecraftCountry: Supremacy. Thank you to everyone who watched and engaged. 🖤✊🏾 #noconfederate,” she tweeted.

A 75-page Bible was created for the second season of “Lovecraft Country.” Given the success of the show’s first season, it didn’t occur to many of us that the show would not be returning.

The series stars Jurnee Smollett and Jonathan Majors and follows Atticus Freeman (Majors), who hit the road with his friend and love interest Letitia (Smollett) and his Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) through Jim Crow America in search of Freeman’s missing father (played by Michael Kenneth Williams).

It was action-packed and melanin-filled. What’s not to like? *Kanye shrugs*

All are forced to fight for their loves (and for the future of humanity) as they wade through the “racist horror” of white America and face-off against alien-like creatures.

The show came at a time when racial tensions in the country were at an all-time high (thanks to the skewed ideologies of the country’s former leader.)

Green talked with Rolling Stone last month about where she spoke about releasing the series during such a precarious time.

“Race in America has been a part of its history the entirety of its time. In this moment, I feel there is more awareness, more talk happening about it,” she explained. “But it’s been permeating this entire time. It’s been bubbling up. The same thing was bubbling up when we were shooting Underground. It was happening before that, even. I’m glad that Lovecraft Country can contribute to that conversation and start more conversations, because until we start talking about it, nothing’s going to be moving in the right direction.”

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