City Girls Rapper JT: ‘I’m Not Gonna Let People Tear Me Down to Build Themselves Up’

by Shine My Crown Staff

City Girls rapper JT can’t catch a break these days.

Earlier this week, her hairstyle at the BET Awards 2021 spawned a plethora of headlines — because people did not like the hairline she was rocking with her wig.

Her hair. Her decision. But some people do not understand that. So JT hopped on Twitter to let them know she’s made of stronger stuff.

“Ima always defend myself if I feel need to because who else will? I’m not gone let ppl tear me down to build they self up ima pop s**t back! & stay confident! Nothing weak or pressed about standing up for yourself, tuh!” she wrote on Twitter.

She added, “I’m gone bet on me every time because IM THE S**T & I’m not just saying that, I know it!”

Her message has been a consistent one.

The City Girls sat down for an interview with Interview Magazine in April, where JT revealed that she does not strive to compete with those around her.

“I’m not really a competitive person. The only time I ever felt down-and-out is when I was in a halfway house and I couldn’t do stuff. But now that I can, I can’t blame nobody else or even be competitive with nobody. It’s motivating just to see women right now winning, and to be a part of it.”

“I’m so comfortable and content with myself that I don’t even think I’m struggling. I be like, “B**ch, I’m so happy.” Back then, I was really struggling. And when you’re struggling, I feel like you make the best music,” she said. “When you ain’t got nothing to lose, you make the best music. I really come from nothing, so anything is a blessing to me. I got lazy and comfortable at one point, but I’m getting back into that mode where I feel like we’ve got something to prove. So right now, that’s what I’m on. It’s comeback season,” she explained to Megan Thee Stallion, who conducted the interview:

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