Mathew Knowles Shares Never Seen Before Photo of Beyoncé and Solange in Emotional Instagram Post

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @beyonce

The father to megastars Beyoncé and Solange is showing just how proud he is of his two daughters after taking to Instagram to share an emotional post about what it was like raising two girls who would grow up to become some of the world’s most popular entertainers.

In the post, Solange is seen standing in front of Beyoncé in what appears to be a candid shot of them from their childhood when they lived in Houston, Texas.

“We need to encourage our children,” Mathew Knowles began. “I believe our young people are often more intuitive than adults in many areas. Those early passions many children possess should be nurtured and supported. When I was young, my mother supported my every ambition.”

He continued: “We didn’t have a lot of money, but as I’ve always been a learner and a reader, I vividly recall her buying me a set of Encyclopedia books so I could absorb knowledge and educate my young mind. That encouragement to learn stayed with me my entire life during my corporate career in sales and marketing, in the music industry, and even today at 71 years old where I’m still finding new things to learn and discover!”

Instagram @mrmathewknowles

He further went on to explain that when he was a child, he had an interest in basketball. It was his mother who encouraged him to continue the hobby and “put up a basketball hoop with the limited funds that were available to the family. I went on to play basketball at the college level and ultimately became a part owner in the WNBA championship-winning Chicago Sky. A few of my dearest friends today are some of the most notable NBA legends in history. My love for basketball started at a young age, and because it was nurtured, it has remained with me throughout my entire life.”

He then reverted to speaking about his daughters, both of whom “showed an interest in music at a very young age, Tina and I (who were already corporate professionals and entrepreneurs) didn’t attempt to downplay their passions.”

He added that he guided and supported their dreams and said that no matter what route they took, he would be happy with what they would do in their professional lives.

“The world needs more people who are connected to their inner ambitions and passions, and are surrounded by those who nurture them,” Mathew Knowles ended. “It’ll make the world a better place for us all.”

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