Leomie Anderson: Trailblazing The Path From Fashion Icon To An Empowering Entrepreneur!

by Gee NY
Image Credit: @leomieanderson on Instagram

In the world of fashion and activism, Leomie Anderson stands out as a beacon of inspiration and innovation.

From her humble beginnings as a scouted model on the streets of London to becoming a global influencer, entrepreneur, and social activist, Anderson has navigated her career with unwavering determination and purpose.

Anderson’s journey into the limelight began at the young age of 14 when she was discovered on her way home from school.

Over the years, she graced catwalks for renowned brands like Marc Jacobs, Moschino, and Tom Ford, solidifying her place in the fashion elite.

Her pinnacle moment arrived in 2015 when she triumphantly walked the Victoria’s Secret runway after several attempts, a testament to her perseverance and talent.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, Anderson recognized the power of her platform and leveraged it to advocate for women’s issues.

In 2012, she launched her YouTube channel, “Cracked China Cup,” offering a behind-the-scenes look into the realities of the modeling world.

This early venture into digital media foreshadowed her later endeavors, including speaking engagements at prestigious universities and the creation of LAPP (Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose), a groundbreaking blog tackling topics from relationships to mental health.

Driven by a desire to merge her passion for activism with fashion, Anderson founded “LAPP the Brand.” This innovative fashion label not only showcases her distinctive style but also serves as a funding source for the LAPP blog, supporting its mission to empower and inform women globally.

Anderson’s commitment to authenticity and inclusivity shines through in every aspect of her brand, from its diverse collections to its active engagement in social causes.

Anderson’s impact extends beyond the runway and digital realm. She has been a vocal advocate for diversity within the fashion industry, challenging stereotypes and advocating for equal representation.


Her efforts have garnered widespread acclaim and underscored her role as a catalyst for change.

Looking ahead, Anderson envisions a future where LAPP transforms the lives of women worldwide, providing them with essential information and fostering a supportive community. Her dedication to authenticity and empowerment sets her apart in an industry often criticized for its superficiality.

As Anderson continues to trailblaze her path from fashion icon to empowering entrepreneur, her unwavering commitment to authenticity ensures that her influence will resonate far beyond the runway.

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